ClipsShop - Grommet Machines and Grommets is the premier online distributor for ClipsShop.  ClipsShop manufactures Grommets, Grommet Machines, and Grommet Machine Accessories. ClipsShop has a well-earned reputation as the manufacturer of the most reliable and consistent self-piercing grommets in the market. In fact, ClipsShop played a significant role in the popularity growth of the concept of the self-piercing grommet throughout the world today. ClipsShop continues to be respected as an innovative designer, manufacturer, and exporter.

ClipsShop is a leading global brand for grommets, eyelets, and grommet and eyelet attaching machines. 

ClipsShop grommet machines serve our worldwide users in various industries, including sign and digital printing, draperies, aerospace, maritime industries, textiles, and more.

ClipsShop gives the utmost importance to Research & Development (R&D). We continue to focus and work on developing new products on a daily basis to contribute to rising industry standards, as well as on producing innovations that increase efficiency for our customers. 

While our engineers work on developing smart grommet-attaching machines and use the latest technology to enable ClipsShop products to be the best available, our molding department also works on producing new styles or sizes of grommets and eyelets in keeping with customer & market requirements.

ClipsShop's Vision

Our vision is to produce the best quality eyelets and eyelet machines in the market and to deliver them to our customers in the shortest time at the most affordable prices.

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