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ClipsShop TIDY Grommet Die Sets


ClipsShop TIDY Grommet Dies are designed for the ClipsShop TIDY Pneumatic Grommet Machine. The die is constructed of stainless steel with a patented spring-loaded design that holds the grommet securely in place. All sizes except #00x and #0 are self-cleaning with a center hole in the bottom half of the die to allow the slugs/cuts to drop into the collection drawer below in the machine. ClipsShop TIDY Dies set ClipsShop self-piercing grommets.


  • Available sizes - #1 (5/16), #2 (3/8), #3 (7/16), #4 (1/2) and #5.5 (11/16)
  • Plastic Grommet Dies are also available for the ClipsShop TIDY Pneumatic Grommet Machine
  • Size #00x (11/64) and #0 (1/4) die sets can also be used with the TIDY Grommet Machine, however, they are not self-cleaning dies.