Grommets - ClipsShop Grommets, Stimpson Grommets, and Fasnap Grommets. Our self-piercing metal grommets are made from the highest quality solid brass and do not rust.  Durable nickel-plated brass, antique brass, and black oxide finishes are also available. Self-piercing grommets pierce and set in one step.  All sizes and finishes are suitable for interior or exterior applications. Ordering the same brand of grommets and grommet setting tools will ensure the grommets are set correctly. 

New!  Plastic Grommets (12mm/.472 inch hole size).  Our Clear Plastic Grommets are ideal for large format digitally printed banners.

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ClipsShop Grommets & Washers

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ClipsShop Grommets 

Self Piercing Grommets designed to work with ClipsShop Grommet Machines

High-quality, durable solid Brass & Nickel Grommets

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  • Finishes - Brass, Nickel, Black Oxide, Antique Brass

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Stimpson Grommets & Washers

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Stimpson Grommets

Self Piercing Grommets (SPG/W) 

Set with Stimpson 405 and 479 Grommet Machines

  •  Sizes (hole diameter)
  •  #0 (1/4")
  •  #1 (5/16")
  •  #1XLN (5/16" long neck)
  •  #2 (3/8")
  •  #2LN (3/8" long neck)
  •  #3 (7/16")

  • Finishes - Brass & Nickel 

These grommets also work with some of the Fasnap hand press grommet machines. 

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Fasnap Grommets & Washers

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Self Piercing Grommets 

Set with Fasnap Grommet Machines and the Stimpson 405 and 479 grommet machines

Washers have small gripping teeth to provide a more secure set into the material

  • Sizes  (hole diameter)
  •  #0 (1/4")
  •  #1 (5/16")
  •  #2 (3/8")
  •  #2LN (3/8" long neck)
  •  #3 (7/16")

  • Finishes - Brass & Nickel
     In Stock and Ready to Ship

Plastic Grommets & Washers

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Plastic Grommets

Durable high quality clear thermoplastic polymer grommets

Set with ClipsShop CSTEP2, ClipsShop TIDY & PMS060 Grommet Machines

  • Sizes  (hole diameter)
  • 12mm ( .472 inch)  PG12
  • 12mmLN ( .472 inch) Long Neck  PG12LN

  • Finish - Clear/Transparent
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ClipsShop Curtain Grommets

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ClipsShop Curtain Grommets

  • Set these grommets with the CSTEP2 or CSTON1 Grommet Machine with the corresponding size ClipsShop Grommet Die 
  • Finishes
  • Brass
  • Nickel
  • Antique Brass
  • Satin Nickel
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#00x ClipsShop Grommets

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#00x ClipsShop Grommets

(11/64 inch id) 

Hole diameter: 

11/64" / 0.172 inch / 4.4mm

Flange diameter: 

0.335 inch / 8.5mm

Neck length: 

0.17"/ 4.3mm

ClipsShop #00x self-piercing grommets are ideal for a variety of purposes: printed media, stationery, invitations, packaging, tags, clothing, fabric, apparel, belts, purses, craft project, costumes, and so many more. 


  • Cost-Effective
  • Efficient - Self Piercing Grommets - Pierce and Set in one step
  • High Quality - Do not Rust - Solid Brass
  • Brass, Nickel Plated, Antique Brass, & Black Oxide