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#00x ClipsShop Grommets and Washers (11/64 inch hole diameter)


#00x ClipsShop Grommets 

ClipsShop Grommets are high-quality solid brass grommets and nickel-plated grommets that are suitable for interior or exterior use. BuyGrommets.com is the premier online distributor for ClipsShop Grommets and Grommet Machines.

Save time and money using our ClipsShop Self Piercing Grommets - no need to pre-punch the holes prior to setting the grommets. ClipsShop Grommets are self-piercing which allows you to pierce the material and set the grommet all in one downstroke of the grommet machine handle. 

ClipsShop grommets are designed to work best with ClipsShop grommet machines and grommet dies. 

Sold in bags of 500 sets. There are 500 grommets and 500 washers in each bag.  Bulk Quantity Pricing is available for larger quantities. 

*  High Quality  *  Large Variety of Sizes and Finishes  *  Durable  *  Affordable  * 

#00x  (11/64 inch)  Hole Size - 0.172 | Flange Diameter 0.335 | Neck Length -0.17

Inside Hole diameter:        11/64" /0.172 inch / 4.4mm
Outer Flange diameter:              0.335 inch / 8.5mm
Neck length:                                    0.17"/ 4.3mm

CSGW00x | CSGBR-00x | CSGNC-00x | CSGBO-00x | CSGAB-00X | 8680211761130 | 8680211761024 | 8680211761246 | 8680211761352

ClipsShop #00x self-piercing grommets are ideal for a variety of purposes: printed media, stationery, invitations, packaging, tags, clothing, fabric, apparel, belts, purses, craft projects, costumes, and so many more. 


  • Cost-Effective
  • Efficient - Self Piercing Grommets - Pierce and Set in one step
  • High Quality - Do not Rust - Solid Brass
  • Brass, Nickel Plated, Antique Brass, & Black Oxide