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Stimpson 405 Grommet Machine

Stimpson's 405 grommet machine is Made in the USA. The versatile Stimpson 405 hand press has a heavy duty aluminum frame and stainless steel components. It is especially well suited for setting Stimpson self-piercing grommets. The Stimpson 405 grommet machine is suitable for heavy duty grommet applications in any size project. This grommet machine is used extensively in many types of indusries. Stimpson is one of the most well known for durability and quality.

Set ClipsShop grommets using a Stimpson 405 or 479 grommet machine
ClipsShop conversion dies that have been designed to allow the Stimpson 405 or 479 grommet machine to set the more affordable ClipsShop grommets.
 These dies are now available in the #0 1/4", #1 5/16", #2 3/8", and #3 7/16" sizes!

In Stock and Ready to Ship!  Free Shipping within the Continental U.S.

Interchangeable Dies - This machine allows setting many different sizes of grommets by means of a simple die-changing process that takes only seconds.

Enlarged throat depth - The deeper throat allows much more flexibility in the placement of your grommets allowing them to be further from the edge of your projects.

Depth Adjustment Stop Screw - Aids in precise grommet setting pressure on thicker materials.

Sets self piercing grommets - Allowing you to cut the hole and set the grommet in one operation, saving time and money.

  • This grommet machine can be mounted to a table top or stand alone
  • The Stimpson 405's interchangeable dies makes this machine easy to use and very versatile.
  • Sets sizes #0 1/4", #1 5/16", #1XLN 5/16", #2 3/8", #2LN 3/8", and #3 7/16" Self Piercing Grommets
  • Suitable for large to small projects, applications and for most materials
  • Made in the USA - Free Ground Shipping to the cont. U.S.
  • Height: 23"
  • Weight: (Aluminum) 10 lbs
  • Throat Depth: 2 3/4"
  • Stroke: 1 3/4"
  • Bench Space: 3 1/2" x 9"
  • Sets: #0 1/4'', #1 5/16'', #1XLN 5/16", #2 3/8'', #2LN 3/8'', #3 7/16''