Grommet Machines

Since 1991, BuyGrommets has provided a great selection of high-quality grommet machines and grommets to meet all types of grommet application needs. We have hand press grommet machines as well as pneumatic grommet machines, and hand grommet pliers.

The ClipsShop CSTEP2, Stimpson 405, ClipsShop TIDY and ClipsShop CSTON1  grommet machines are ideal for banners, signage, and many other industrial applications.

The BGTEP is an economical lightweight aluminum grommet machine for lower volume projects. 

The ClipsShop CSHAP-1 hand pliers are perfect for smaller projects and on-site grommet applications.  

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ClipsShop CSTEP2

Picture for category ClipsShop CSTEP2
Our Price: $132.49

ClipsShop CSTEP2 is a versatile and easy-to-use hand press grommet machine that sets all sizes of ClipsShop self-piercing grommets on our site as well as 12mm plastic grommets with the simple change of the die. The soft-grip handle makes this machine comfortable and easy to use. 

In Stock and Ready to Ship. 

ClipsShop BGTEP

Picture for category ClipsShop BGTEP
Our Price: $84.75

ClipsShop BGTEP is an economical and reliable grommet hand press for moderate use. Sets #00x 11/64" through #3LN 7/16'' size grommets. This machine is EXCLUSIVE to BuyGrommets.

In Stock and Ready to Ship.

Stimpson 405 Grommet Machine

Picture for category Stimpson 405 Grommet Machine
Our Price: $218.90

Stimpson 405 Hand Press Grommet Machine is a light weight aluminum hand press grommet machine. Made in the USA. The Stimpson 405 model is a heavy duty hand press grommet machine and sets #0 1/4'', #1 5/16'', #1XLN 5/16", #2 3/8'', #2LN 3/8", and #3 7/16'' size Stimpson Self Piercing Grommets (SPG/W) and some Fasnap brand grommets. 

In Stock and Ready to Ship. 

ClipsShop CSTON-1

Picture for category ClipsShop CSTON-1
Our Price: $489.00

ClipsShop CSTON-1 is a professional grade extra heavy duty grommet machine. Machine height, setting pressure, and dies are adjustable. Sets #00x 11/64" through #5.5 11/16" grommets.

In Stock and Ready to Ship.

ClipsShop TIDY Pneumatic Grommet Machine

Picture for category ClipsShop TIDY Pneumatic Grommet Machine
Our Price: $959.00

ClipsShop TIDY Pneumatic Grommet Machine is the most affordable and lightest weight pneumatic grommet machine currently on the market. Sets #00x 11/64" through #5.5 11/16" metal grommets and our 12mm plastic grommets.  

In Stock and Ready to Ship

CSHAP-1 Grommet Pliers

Picture for category CSHAP-1 Grommet Pliers
Our Price: $115.99

ClipsShop CSHAP-1 Grommet Pliers a hand held grommet setting tool for on-site and low volume jobs. Sets #1 (5/16") or #2 (3/8") size grommets.  $115.99 Limited-Time Special offer includes: CSHAP-1 Pliers, die set, and 100 grommets. 

In Stock and Ready to Ship.

Stimpson 479 Foot Press

Picture for category Stimpson 479 Foot Press
Our Price: $3485.00

Stimpson 479 Grommet Machine is foot operated leaving the operators hands free to work the material. In one motion the hole is cut and the grommet set. Sets #0 1/4'', #1 5/16'', #2 3/8'', #2LN 3/8'', and #3 7/16'' grommets.

PMS060 Pneumatic Grommet Machine

Picture for category PMS060 Pneumatic Grommet Machine
Our Price: $899.00

PMS 060 Pneumatic Grommet Machine is a low cost pneumatic machine that is designed to set our 12mm Plastic Grommets and 12mm long neck Plastic Grommets. This machine requires a standard air compressor.

In Stock and Ready to Ship.