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ClipsShop Curtain Grommet Dies


ClipsShop Curtain Grommet Dies are durable hardened stainless steel fabricated dies. ClipsShop two-step dies are perfectly engineered to cut a precise hole and set the grommet in many types of materials. 1 inch (#7.5) and 1 1/2 inch (#12) sizes are available and fit the CSTEP2, CSTEP2L, and CSTON1 model ClipsShop grommet machines.


  • Fabricated in long-lasting hardened steel

  • 2 sizes - #7.5 and #12

  • Two Step Die Set - Cut the hole and set the grommet using the same die 

ClipsShop Curtain Grommet Die Size Specifications

#7.5 (1 inch)

Hole Size - 1 inch / 25mm

#12   (1 1/2 inch) 

Hole Size - 1.5 inch / 40mm