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ClipsShop Grommets are durable high-quality self-piercing grommets, ideal for interior or exterior applications. ClipsShop Grommets offer MORE SIZES and MORE FINISHES than other brands. Specially fabricated to work with ClipsShop grommet machines and corresponding size ClipsShop dies.

Self Piercing Grommets allow you to pierce the material and set the grommet all in one step. This eliminates the need to pre-punch the hole in the material before setting the grommet. 

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ClipsShop Grommet Sizes

Size / (Inside hole diameter / id) 

#00x (11/64")  
#0 (1/4") 
#1 (5/16")   
#2 (3/8")  
#2LN (3/8")   
#3 (7/16")  
#3LN (7/16") 
 # 4 (1/2")   

#5.5 (11/16")  
#7.5 (1")   
#12 (1 1/2")

ClipsShop Grommet Finishes

Brass  -  Nickel  -  Antique Brass  -  Black Oxide

Sizes  #7.5 and #12 are sold in 100 sets (grommet & washer) per bag.

All other sizes are sold in 500 sets (grommet & washer) per bag.

Clipsshop Nickel Brass Grommets

ClipsShop Grommet Images

ClipShop Curtain Grommets

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