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ClipsShop TIDY Pneumatic Grommet Machine


ClipsShop TIDY Pneumatic Grommet Machine has unique features and an extensive accessory selection at an affordable price. It is the lightest pneumatic grommet machine, its compact size and built-in carrying handle allow you to move this machine anywhere in your warehouse or work area. The TIDY machine works with any standard air compressor and needs no electricity. It conforms with CE/OSHA requirements.

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Ease of operation - The operator can use the built-in manual trigger mechanism (included in all versions) or the optional foot pedal accessory on the ClipsShop TIDY machine.
Versitile for all users All controls can be set up for right or left handed operation for the best fit to your project. 
Interchangeable self cleaningTIDY diesThe ClipsShop TIDY grommet machine has a convenient slugs/cuts collection drawer with special self cleaning dies. Dies are available in #1 5/16’’, #2 3/8’’, #3 7/16’’, #4 ½’’, #5.5 11/16’’, and 12mm sizes.  The #00x 11/64” and #0 1/4” ClipsShop dies are also compatible with this machine but do not offer the self cleaning feature. 
Sets self piercing grommets - Allowing you to cut the hole and set the grommet in one operation, saving time and money.


ClipsShop LED Pointer – a new generation LED version of the traditional laser pointers to show the operator the exact grommet attaching point. The LED Pointer accessory works on either battery or electricity.
ClipsShop Grommet Alignment Tool - for consistent placement of grommets.
TIDY Foot Pedal - keeps both hand free for setting your grommets. 


  • The ClipsShop TIDY machine works with many types of materials including vinyl, banners, corrugated plastic, chipboard, other plastics, industrial textiles, fabric, poster board, and many other substrates.
  • Many sizes of interchangeable dies makes the ClipsShop TIDY easy to use and very versatile.
  • Sets sizes #00x 11/64", #0 1/4", #1 5/16", #2 3/8", #2LN 3/8", #3 7/16", #3LN 3/8", #4 1/2", #5.5 11/16" and Plastic 12mm Grommets
  • Weight: 15.5 lbs
  • Dimensions (Height*Width*Depth): 11.5" x 10.5" x 5.5"
  • Throat Depth: 4 3/4''
  • Sets: #00x 11/64", #0 1/4'', #1 5/16'', #2 3/8'', #2LN 3/8", #3 7/16', #3LN 7/16'', #4 1/2", #5.5 11/16'', and 12mm plastic grommets