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Brass & Nickel Stimpson Grommets

Upgrade to washers with gripping teeth for extra holding strength Additional 5%
(Stimpson compatible)

Self Piercing Grommets

Stimpson Grommets
are made to fit in the Stimpson brand machines. We carry the #0 1/4", #1 5/16", #1XLN 5/16", #2 3/8", #2LN 3/8", #3 7/16 sizes. These grommets are ideal for heavy duty applications. Our Stimpson grommets come in a brass or nickel finish.

Stimpson Self Piercing Grommets allow you to pierce the material and seat the grommet all in one down stroke of the grommet machine handle, which eliminates the pre-punching of holes for the grommets. Self piercing grommets come in a variety of sizes, depths and colors. Please choose the corresponding brand and die size to your grommet size. Grommets are self-piercing and are very sturdy. Grommets can be used for a variety of purposes including tents, tarps, parachutes, dog collars, belts, or curtains. For information on dies please click here.

Gripping Teeth Washers option is available for those grommet applications that need extra gripping strength.

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Stimpson Grommets Nickel Brass


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