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Aluminum Clipsshop BGTEP-XL Grommet Machine

The new light weight Aluminum Clipsshop BGTEP-XL grommet machine is a exclusive. BuyGrommets and ClipsShop worked together to engineer this machine to perfection. The new BGTEP-XL is the successor to the CSTEP-1 and TEP-1, with a larger frame, rubber grip on the extra long handle and depth setter adjustment guide. Setting the grommets has become easier than ever. The new depth setter adjustment guide allows you to set the grommet into the material at the perfect depth every time. This larger machine will also accommodate more material in the throat of the machine which allows the grommet to be set further into the material and not just along the edge. The BGTEP-XL is a professional grade grommet machine for home and professional use. This grommet machine can be mounted to a table top or stand alone.


Weight: 4 lbs.
Dimensions (Height*Width*Depth): 14 x 3.5 x 7.5 inches
Throat Depth: 1 1/2''
Sets: #00 11/64", #0 1/4'', #1 5/16'', #2 3/8'', #2LN 3/8'' #3 7/16', #3LN 7/16''

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How to Grommet: Grommeting Tutorial

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Grommet Dies
BuyGrommets Dies

Stainless Steel Dies
Stainless Steel Dies


Clipsshop Grommet Dies
Grommet dies are available many sizes. Dies come in the following sizes: #00 11/64", #0 1/4'', #1 5/16'', #2 3/8'', #3 7/16'', #3LN 7/16''. All dies are made of high quality materials and work with their corresponding grommet size.

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New Stainless Steel Dies

ClipsShop Grommetss

ClipsShop Grommets
ClipsShop Grommets are made to fit in the ClipsShop machines and are available in #00 11/64", #0 1/4'', #1 5/16'', #2 3/8''
, #2LN 3/8'' #3 7/16'', #3LN 7/16''. ClipsShop grommets come in Brass and Nickel.

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