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Clipsshop Cstep-2


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Die & Grommets Not Included

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ClipsShop CSTEP-2 Deep Throat Hand Press Grommet Machine with New Built in Depth Setter

The ClipsShop CSTEP-2 engineers have designed a very unique hand press machine to maximize the operational functionality. The CSTEP-2 has a soft grip handle and this feature highly elevates the using comfort of the machine. The soft grip makes this machine one of the most comfortable on the market. The new model also incorporates a depth setter adjustment which allows the user to adjust how tightly the grommets are set into the material. Most machines are simply painted but the CSTEP-2 has a powder coat finish that makes it extremely rugged and durable and gives you a great looking machine for a minimum of 10 years. The ClipsShop CSTEP-2's long handle and interchangeable dies makes this machine easy to use and very versatile. This grommet machine can be mounted to a table top or stand alone. European Made.


Weight: 15.1 lbs.
Dimensions (Height*Width*Depth): 17.25 x 3.52 x 9.80 inches
Throat Depth: 4 1/2''

Sets: #00x 11/64", #0 1/4'', #1 5/16'', #2 3/8'', #2LN 3/8'', #3 7/16'', #3LN 7/16'', #4 1/2" #5.5 11/16''
, #7.5 1" , #12 1 1/2" & Plastic 12mm grommets

How to Grommet: Grommeting Tutorial



Cstep-2 Laser



Alignment tool

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Grommet Alignment Tool

Quickly and accurately punch your grommets with INDUSTRY-FIRST grommet alignment fixture! The Grommet Alignment tool, made exclusively to fit the CSTEP-2, Cston and Tidy hand presses, lets users precisely space grommets 5/8" to 3" (15 to 80 mm) from the edge of their substrate and uniformly locate the distance between grommets from 2-½" to 24" (55 to 600 mm) apart.
Available in two sizes, the smaller works with grommets up to #5.5" and the larger version accomidates sizes up to #12 Grommets.

  • Equal spacing and depth without marking.
  • Easy to Adjust. Can be locked into place using finger wing-nuts
  • Laser etched inch and metric markings. For precise and easy adjustment
  • Easy to install or remove within seconds. No extra tool is needed.
  • Shiny finish. Rust-free.
  • Durable fixture. Made of steel.


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ClipsShop Laser Pointers

ClipsShop engineers developed an LED light-based EyeleD Pointer to show the exact grommet attaching point like a laser pointer. Our professional and affordable EyeleD pointer complies with the Health and Safety regulations and does the job without carrying any health risks.

The EyeleD Pointer can be used either by electricity or with 2 AA size 1.5 V batteries. Hence, you can move your machine with the EyeleD Pointer mounted on it. It consumes very little energy and the EyeleD Pointer can be used with batteries for hundreds of hours.

Deep Setter

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Tools Needed to Install Curtain Grommets

  • ClipsShop CSTEP-2 Grommet Machine.
  • #7.5 or #12 ClipsShop Curtain Grommet Die.
  • Grommet Aligniment Tool.
  • #7.5 (1") or #12 (1 1/2” ) Curtain Grommets Optional.

Curtain Grommets

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ClipsShop # 7.5 & #12 Curtain Grommets

We now offer two popular sizes of self piercing Curtain Grommets, #7.5 & #12. Hang your curtains easily or add a touch of creative style to your sewing project with the new ClipsShop #7.5 (1") & #12 (1 1/2”) Curtain Grommets using the CSTEP-2 grommet machine.


ClipsShop Grommetss

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Transparent clear plastic grommets

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ClipsShop Metal Grommets

ClipsShop Grommets are made to fit in the ClipsShop machines and are available in #00x 11/64", #0 1/4'', #1 5/16'', #2 3/8'',
#2LN 3/8'', #3 7/16'', #3LN 7/16'', #4 1/2", #5.5 11/16", #12 1 1/2" . ClipsShop grommets come in Brass and Nickel. #2 3/8" is now available in black.



Plastic Grommets

Our heavy duty plastic grommets are made of an enviormently friendly high quanlity thermoplastic polymer. Heavy Duty plastic grommets come in the 12mm (.472")
hole size and are transparent.



Stainless Steel Dies
BuyGrommets Dies

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Plastic Grommet Dies
Plastic Grommet Dies

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ClipsShop Stainless Steel Grommet Dies

Grommet Dies are available in the following sizes: #00x 11/64", #0 1/4'', #1 5/16'', #2 3/8''', #3 7/16'', #3LN 7/16', #4 1/2", #5.5 11/16",#7.5 1"and #12 1 1/2" . All dies are made of high quality stainless steel and work with their corresponding grommet size.

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Plastic Grommet Dies

Plastic grommet dies come in the 12mm hole size and are only available for the CSTEP-2 grommet machine. All plastic grommet dies are made of the highest quality materials.

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